Christian Roach

I am a Personal Trainer, Personal Development Coach and Fitness Educator based in Central London. I work primarily with men and women between the ages of 25-45 years of age who want to transform their life on every level.


Prior to this role, I have extensive experience in the fitness industry as well as a highly refined understanding of coaching and human psychology, physiology, behaviour change and mindset development which I have developed since my journey started in 2010.


I believe that just training people for aesthetics creates superficial results and that the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of a persons life are all interconnected and one area cannot excel without the others operating in synergy as one.


Why look like a greek god if you don't feel like one or live like one?


To solve this problem, I have developed a multi stage system to help transform the lives of ordinary people who want to be able to do extraordinary things. My transformations help people to develop a jaw-dropping body, an indestructible mindset and an abundant lifestyle - helping them to be the best version of themself.


I'm also a highly sought after Fitness Educator and Assessor throughout the UK and the author of Becoming Superhuman: 99 Ways To Become Your Own Superhero.


I'm known for transforming clients lives, leaving them feeling superhuman.

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